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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Itinerary for Journey of the Soul with the Black Madonna, June, July and August 2019

Itinerary for The Journey of the Soul with The Black Madonna Summer 2019

UPDATE: This walk has been postponed! I will be creating a new Itinerary for the Spring of 2020

Thanks for your interest! The Journey of the Soul tour is a unique opportunity to experience The Black Madonna along Shrines and Chapels of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela while having daily talks and discussions about the spiritual history, folk lore and geography of the area. The tour offers several levels of participation tailored to meet different capabilities and budgets. To facilitate the flexibility of the experience, Stephanie will recommend experienced tour companies who can arrange transportation, lodging, luggage transfers and meals, participants will book directly with the agencies. For those wanting a more traditional Pilgrim experience, guides, books and references will also be offered for these participants, who will arrange their own lodging throughout the journey. Retreats will take place at Monastery housing, and all necessary links for reservations will be provided. Review the Itinerary, decide when you would like to participate and then let us know so we can start planning!

There are three levels of participation

!) Retreats at Shrines of the Camino with Black Madonna’s. Minimal and optional walking of the Camino surrounding the location. Train and bus travel between destinations.

2) Choose to walk along the Camino joining the tour where you wish, at what level of accommodation and service you wish, for as long as you wish. Come for a week, two, four or more.

3) Participate “in spirit” and online, following the journey from the comfort of your own home, enjoying the talks as podcasts and electronically mailed PDF’s of the papers and transcripts as the Pilgrims proceed along the Camino. Spirit walkers can choose any or all of the Retreats and Camino talks as they wish. Camino Walking Segments will be for weekly increments, meaning for those who wish to partake will purchase a week by week format.

Fees for the talks with Stephanie are as follows:

“Spirit Walkers” = $30.00 per week on the Camino, $50.00 for retreat materials. When you decide which materials you would like to receive, simply fill out the form and your podcasts and transcripts will be emailed to you along the journey.  

Spirit Walker Registration

Retreat participants = $100.00 for each retreat, There are a total of six retreats, two in June 2019, two in July 2019, one in August 2019 and one in September 2019. Monastery housing will be available for participants, prices and meal options will vary according to setting.

Camino Walkers = $50.00 per week on the Camino.  For those who prefer to stay in guest houses, have luggage transfers and meals, this level starts at about $600.00 per week for standard accommodation, breakfast and supper. For those who wish to have a traditional Camino experience, staying in Albergues (traditional Pilgrim dorm style housing) and purchase meals along the way, we will recommend directories. This level of Camino experience is estimated to cost around $280 per week, not including airfare or ground transportation.

Camino Walk and Retreat Registration

It is suggested to obtain travel insurance, and take out a special rider on your health insurance in case of illness or injury. We will provide several options which you can purchase on your own.

Here is the link for travel and lodging options

Retreat 1

Theme: The Archangel Michael, Knights Templar and The Black Madonna

June 24 Arrive Avanches, near Mont San Michelle
June 25 Mont San Michelle
June 26 Mont San Michelle
June 27 Travel to Paris take a plane to Madrid, Spend the night in Madrid

Retreat 2

Theme: Gothic Spain Guadalupe and the Age of Discovery

June 28 Travel from Madrid to Canceres, stay at the Abby of Guadalupe
June 29 Canceres Guadalupe Shrine
June 30 Travel to Barcelona, spend the night in Barcelona
July 1 Barcelona

 Retreat 3

Theme: Montserrat, The Black Madonna and the Quest for the Holy Grail

July 2 Travel from Barcelona to Montserrat
July 3 Montserrat
July 4 Montserrat
July 5 Travel to Le Puy en Velay

Retreat 4

Theme: The Camino, The Black Madonna and the Age of Consciousness Soul

July 6 Le Puy en Velay
July 7 Le Puy en Velay

Retreat 5

Theme: The Seven Black Virgins of the Spanish Camino

July 30 – August 6  Irun and San Sebastian

Camino Walk Le Puy French Route

July 8 Start the Camino from Le Puy  Walk 24 km to Saint Privat de Allier
July 9 Walk 19 KM to Saugues
July 10 Walk 26 KM to Les Faux
July 11 Walk 20 KM to Aumont - Aubrac
July 12 Walk 26 KM to Nashbinals
July 13 Walk 17 KM to Saint Chely d Aubrac
July 14 Walk 22 KM to Espalion
July 15 Walk 27 KM to Golinhac
July 16 Walk 21 KM to Conques
July 17 Walk 20 KM to Decazeville
July 18 Walk 28 KM to Figeac
July 19 Second night in Figeac
July 20 Walk 31 KM to Cajarc
July 21 Walk 18 KM to Limogne en Quercy
July 22 Walk 27 KM to Mas de Vers
July 23 Walk 18 KM to Cahars
July 24 Walk 29 KM to Montcuq
July 25 Walk 13 KM to Lauzarete
July 26 Walk 23 KM to Moissac
July 27 Walk 19 KM to Auvillar
July 28 Walk 32 KM to Lectoure
July 29 Take public transport to Saint Jean Pied de Port, spend the night in Saint Jean Pied de Port

Camino Walk Northern Spanish Coastal Route

Note: From July 30 – August 6 is a special retreat on the Camino, we will spend several nights in the next two locations visiting shrines on and around the Northern Spanish Coastal Route. The Northern Spanish Coastal Route walk will end with a three day retreat in Santiago de Compostela

July 30 From Saint Jean Pied de Port Take public transport to Irun
July 31  Irun
August 1 Irun
August 2 Irun
August 3 Walk 24 KM to San Sabastian
August 4 San Sabastian
August 5 San Sabastian
August 6 Walk 20 KM to Zarautz
August 7 Walk 23 KM to Deba
August 8 Walk 23 KM to Markina
August 9  Walk 23 KM to Gernika
August 10  Walk 21 KM Lezama
August 11  Walk 15 KM to Bilbao
August 12  Spend second night in Bilbao
August 13  Walk 10 KM to Portugalete
August 14  Walk 29 KM to Castro Urdiales
August 15  Walk 29 KM to Laredo
August 16 Walk 14 KM to Noja
August 17  Walk 27 KM to Santander
August 18  Spend second night in Santander
August 19  Walk 20 KM to Arce
August 20  Walk 27 KM to Santillana del Mar
August 21  Walk 23 KM to Comillas
August 22  Walk 27 KM to Unquera
August 23 Walk 26 KM to Llanes
August 24 Walk 30 KM to Ribadesella
August 25 Walk 21 KM to Colunga
August 26 Walk 17 KM to Vilavicosa
August 27 Walk 30 KM to Gijón
August 28 Spend second night in Gijón
August 29 Walk 25 KM to Avilés
August 30 Walk 28 KM to El Pito
August 31 Walk 25 KM Ballota
Sept 1 Walk 22 KM Luaraca
Sept 2 Walk 22 KM to Navia
Sept 3 Walk 31 KM to Ribadeo
Sept 4 Spend second night in Ribadeo
Sept 5 Walk 28 KM to Louranzá
Sept 6 Walk 8 KM to Montonedo
Sept 7  Walk 17 KM to Abadin
Sept 8  Walk 20 KM to Vilalba
Sept 9  Spend second night in Vilalba
Sept 10  Walk 20 KM Baamonde
Sept 11  Walk 15 KM to Miraz
Sept 12  Walk 26 KM to Sobrado dos Monxes
Sept 13  Walk 22 KM to Arzula
Sept 14  Walk 18 KM to Pedrouzo
Sept 15   Walk 21 to Santiago de Compostela

Retreat 6

Theme: Initiation and the Way of the Stars

Sept 15 – Sept 18 Retreat in Santiago de Compostela

A full list of reflection topics will be released in January of 2019. When you decide how you wish to participate, you will be sent a participation form. For Spirit Walkers, you will be sent your materials via the internet in podcasts, videos and transcripts as the dates of the tour proceeds. For those who wish to join a retreat, you will be sent referrals for booking accommodations. For those who will be joining the walk, and wanting a higher level of lodging than staying in traditional Pilgrim Hostels, we will be booking guest houses, luggage transfers and meal plans with Camino Ways tour agency, who will be giving discounts to groups of 10 or more who wish to join The Journey of the Soul with The Black Madonna tour. There is also a 10% discount to book a year in advance, and a 5% discount for a 60-day advance booking with this company. When you choose your dates, let Stephanie know, and she will send you the booking code to receive the discount and pre-arranged tour dates. To review the routes, go to  Upon booking, you will also receive a packing list, links to excellent videos on all aspects of the trip such as how to prepare for the walk, how to avoid blisters, walking shoe recommendations and physical training preparation schedules. You will also be admitted to a private Facebook group for discussions and information leading up to the Tour, I look forward to our next steps!

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