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Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Christ Impulse in the Balkans: Past Present and Future

You Are Cordially Invited to Attend a Summer Conference In
Historic Ohrid, Macedonia

Friday August 24th through Sunday August 26th, 2018

The Christ Impulse in the Balkans:
Past, Present and Future

Christ, Gallery of Icons, Prilep Macedonia

With Stephanie Georgieff
Author of The Black Madonna, Mysterious Soul Companion

Friday Evening August 24th through Sunday afternoon, August 26th, 2018

Located near the shores of one of the largest fresh water lakes in the region, Ohrid is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ohrid is famed for having one of the oldest human settlements in Europe, and is also home to the earliest Christian Community in the Balkans. Ohrid is a natural setting to hear the latest research from Anthroposophical author Stephanie Georgieff on the ancient origins of the Christ Impulse reflected in art and religious culture.  In our transitional and uncertain times, getting in touch with our collective past can give deep and profound perspectives on the current struggles we are enduring. The Balkans have always been a land of transitions, of flowing from the East to the West. The history of how the the early church formed in this lush and beautiful landscape is often ignored in the West. Georgieff will be presenting thoughtful overviews of the important roots of our shared evolution can give glimpses of what will be meeting us in the future.

Lake Ohrid

Conference Offerings

Aug 24
14:00 Optional City tour of Historic Ohrid
19:30 Evening talk: Christ Impulse in the Balkans; Past Present and Future

Aug 25
8:30 Morning talk: The Risen Christ, The Apostle Paul’s Evangelism in the Balkans
10:00 Optional Boat Tour to the St. Naum Monastery on Lake Ohrid
19:30 Evening Talk: They Cyrillic Alphabet, People of the Christ and the Sophianic Age

Aug 26
8:00 am Optional hike along the lake
11:00 am The Divine Sophia in Byzantine Art and Architecture

St Naum Monastery, Lake Ohrid

A Free Will Offering will be taken at the end of the conference. All proceeds will go to help create Anthroposophical initiatives in Macedonia. Participants are responsible for their own lodging and optional local tour fees. To reserve a place for the conference, please email Stephanie Georgieff at You will be given suggestions for lodgings, tour bookings, and the location of the talks. Lectures given in English and Macedonian.

If you would like to support the conference but can not attend, for a small donation, recordings of the talks will be made available to those who wish to join in spirit. Please email Stephanie for details on how you can contribute. You can also become a patron of the event through Patreon. For a one time $50.00 donation, you will receive all the materials from the conference. Please go to The Black Madonna Speaks Patreon page and scroll down to the "Balkan Supporter" benefit. All materials will be sent to those who are patrons by September 15, 2018.

It is suggested to book your lodging early, as Ohrid is a popular Summer Vacation destination. 

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