The Heart of the Black Madonna

Sunday, October 28, 2018

A New Cosmos of Love

The Heart Nebula (IC 1805) is an emission nebula located at an approximate distance of 7,500 light years from Earth, in the constellation Cassiopeia. The nebula has an apparent magnitude of 18.3 and an absolute magnitude of 6.5. It is 150 arc-minutes in size and known for its intensely red glowing gas and dark dust lanes forming a shape that resembles a heart symbol. The Heart Nebula forms a star complex known as the Heart and Soul. The Heart and Soul region contains a total of seven open clusters of young stars.
One of the great inspirations of the high Christian Initiates of the era of The Black Madonnas during the Middle Ages, was the recognition that the cosmos was leaving the age of Wisdom and entering the era of a cosmos of Love. This new era would be a time where humanity's main task was to choose in freedom to co-create a cosmos on Love, deep abiding universal love that transcends all barriers. I find this beautiful star cluster, which by cosmic standards a new star to be a hopeful reminder of what is possible.
Let us reaffirm our commitment and rise to the task before us. Let us consider how we can daily, through simple gestures of kindness and inclusion help to bring this new era, this new cosmos of love into being. Let us not be distracted, be demoralized by the hatred and violence of others, let us love in spite of everything, let deep abiding love be the most defiant action you can muster in these very sad and challenging days.
Blessings on your journey!