The Heart of the Black Madonna

Monday, July 29, 2013

12 Days Left!

Hi All, 

Thank you for your generous contributions! I am getting nearer my goal, but I really need your help. Please pass this post on to 10 people that you think would be interested in the subject material. I am in need of donations of $50 or more per person to meet the costs of publishing this landmark study of the incredible symbolism of The Black Madonna.

My first webinar went really well, and I will send out the power point to all who are interested, just leave a comment with your email and I will get back to you. There are two more webinars scheduled so you can become familiar with the content, and of course all donations are very welcome. For Donations of $30.00 or higher, you are invited to attend a webinar on August 18, that will also be recorded and sent to you if you can not attend. 

Here is the registration information for the next two webinars. 

The History of the Black Madonna which will be on Saturday August 3rd at 9 am PDT
 The Healing Nature of Black on Wednesday August 7th at 3 pm PDT

 You can also go directly to the funding page for more information at 

Thanks to those of you who have donated, I so appreciate your contributions. I thank you also for passing on this email. 
You can also find regular updates on my facebook page .  And not to leave anything out,  you can find me on twitter, and a You Tube Channel The Heart of the Black Madonna

I  look forward to sharing the message of healing and hope with you and the broader community


Stephanie Georgieff
Author: The Black Madonna Journey of the Human Heart

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