The Heart of the Black Madonna

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Glory Hallelujah

After quite a circuitous path, which actually deepened my own wisdom, The Black Madonna Mysterious Soul Companion is ready for release.

I was joking with a friend of mine that the impediments to publishing would be a great country western tragedy ballad, but I had no dog to die, and my Bible wasn't stolen. From fires to evictions, deaths and illnesses, bank account theft and car problems, it seems as if everything that could discourage me from publishing, happened with a ferocity that shocked those around me. At some points, I pondered if I should wear some garlic to ward off evil spirits or something. But my dedication to the message which I feel brings great context for our very turbulent time caused me to go forward.

The reasons I feel this book is important are three fold:

I think we are in an era of unprecedented challenges

There is a feeling of great unease in our transitional times

We are feeling abandoned and confused over the magnitude of evil that is present

The Black Madonna, Mysterious Soul Companion offers insights on how we can understand and meet the challenges of our age. As I have experienced all of the above issues, what has helped me personally was delving into the symbolism of the Black Madonna. My journey with this enigmatic genre brought a deep context and comfort for all the quandaries that face those of us who care for our world and her peoples. I feel my book will help others who are struggling with their faith and hope during these difficult times.

What I also found through my unexpected impediments was that one book could not completely do justice to the Black Madonna. There are several books that will follow this inaugural volume. The next edition will be on the Virgin of Guadalupe, and books on Byzantium, Africa, South America, and the Science of Black and the Cosmos will follow.

I hope you enjoy, and encourage you to help spread the word about The Black Madonna Mysterious Soul Companion to your friends, family and communities. 

There are many options to obtain a copy. There are paperback, Kindle edition, audio and print on demand versions available.

Go to the Book Launch page for a complete presentation 

Books on Demand, through the Espresso Book Machine is an option for those of you living near one of the machines.

This option will allow customers to order on line or in person and receive a book freshly printed in about 20 minutes. Book machines are available throughout the US, Canada, the Philippines, France and Egypt to name a few.

Please write a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, if you do, send the link to me and I will send you a thank you gift.

Your support has been vital to me these last few years, and I am asking for your support now. Please purchase The Black Madonna Mysterious Soul Companion, spread the word, link to this post, talk about it on social media. Every little bit helps, and not only will you help me personally, the book will be a lovely truly unique addition to any library of inspirational volumes.

The message of the Black Madonna is a healing balm for the souls of our times. It is up to you to help spread that balm on our very exhausted world. We are truly a beloved community of extraordinary beings, let's connect!

Blessings on your journey!

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