The Heart of the Black Madonna

Monday, September 29, 2014

Michael and the Black Madonna

September 29 for many Christians is the Festival of the Archangel Michael. In some Eastern Orthodox traditions the date is in November. It is an interesting correspondence that the Archangel Michael is often depicted quite prominently with the Black Madonna. At the Shrine of Jasna Gora in Czestochowa Poland, Michael is depicted over the entrance to the Shrine

The entire cosmic drama of creation from the time told in Genesis to the incarnation of the Christ has been set in motion to allow Humanity to be come fully conscious of the Divine in Freedom. The overseer of Cosmic Intelligence is the Archangel Michael. To aid us in our journey of evolving towards this full, free consciousness, many gifts have been placed before Humanity by the Spiritual World. Michael sacrificed his rulership of Cosmic Intelligence and sent it to the Earth so Humanity could have a deep, full and free understanding of the entire significance of the Christ Impulse. By the Ninth Century this transfer was complete, and this was also the time when the Black Madonna's began their appearances throughout Europe. In my estimation, this was a gift to allow messages from the Spiritual World to be presented to Humanity to show us our task.

The Color Black is the symbol of Cosmic Will being transformed into Human Will. The Black Madonna's also have very large hands, hands being the agent of the Will. In essence the Black Madonna's are bringing a message from the Divine that we are to use our will to bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth. 

Courage is a theme of Michaelmas. Michael is depicted with a sword and always by standing on a dragon. He does not slay the dragon, he subdues it. The dragon is the symbol of the lower animal nature of Humanity. This nature can take form for us in modern times as fear, hate and doubt. The way we can subdue our own personal dragons is through truth in our thinking, devotion in our will and with a loving heart.

Archangel Michael and Uriel at Mt Tepeyac in Mexico City, Basilica of Guadalupe

I think the reason Michael is portrayed with the Black Madonna is that to help manifest our destiny, to unify in conscious freedom with the Christ in order to transform the cosmos of wisdom into a cosmos of love, we will need Courage. 

These are times of great trial, there is much fear and doubt around. But the Spiritual World, the Angels and the Trinity has faith in Humanity, that we can progress. The greatest antidote to the fear and hatred that swirls about is to immerse ourselves in the Love of Christ. To fill our mind with thoughts of wisdom, and to use our wills to be faithful to our task, and to reach out to know one another.

Archangel Michael by Hildegard of Bingen

This is a time to focus our thinking and use our wills to live up to our highest potential. The Black Madonna's are a message from the Divine that we are not alone, that we can endure and triumph.

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