The Heart of the Black Madonna

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Human Heart and the Holy Grail

One of the many themes of the Black Madonna's is that they are associated with The Holy Grail. The Shrine at Montserrat is considered to be the location of the Grail in many legends. The bringers of the Black Madonna's the Knights Templar are also considered to be associated with the Holy Grail.

The Grail is the cup that caught the blood of Christ as he hung on the cross. It is considered to be an agent of transformation as the blood of Christ also transforms. 

In Anthroposophy, we view the Incarnation in Palestine over 2000 years ago as Christ coming in the Physical. We understand the Christ has come again, as was foretold in the Gospels. We see this so called "second coming" as happening now, but in the Etheric or life realm, not in the Physical.

The Angelic Hierarchies by Hildegard of Bingen

Since the beginning of the 1900's Christ has been descending through the planetary spheres and the angelic hierarchies to reappear in the Etheric. A great counter distraction to this event of the activity of Christ occurred twice, when he started his decent. The great distractions that turned humanities gaze away from the current Christ event were during the time of World War I, and again in 1933 with the triumph of the Nazi's in Germany.

Robert Powell speaks about the Christ Rhythm as being 33 1/3 years, as long as Christ Jesus life on earth.(1) At the dawn of the age of light, after the 5000 year period which many call the Kali Yuga ended in 1899, the Cosmic Christ started his new journey towards Earth. Each one of the Christ Rhythms is 33 1/3 years and we can see amazing things in history during 1933, 1966 and 1999 respectively.

The Black Madonna's are associated with the Evangelist Luke, who as we have learned was a apostle of Paul. Luke was educated in Greek Medicine which dealt with the Etheric realm. 

The Black Madonna's came in mass during the Crusades by the Knights Templar. The Crusades were the preparation for the age of Consciousness Soul which we now are living through. The main ideal of the Knights Templar was to create a culture that could contain the Christ, a Grail culture, if you will.

The Black Madonna of the Americas is The Virgin of Guadalupe. This miraculous image is a seemingly endless codice of symbols, but one of the more amazing aspects of this Madonna is the geometry which she represents. She is an image of the Golden Ratio, as well as the geometry of the Fifth Chamber of the Etheric Heart. She has her hands over her heart, says to Juan Diego to whom she appeared, to "build me a temple," and her image imprinted upon Juan Diego's chest. The corona and her hands are the same geometric shape as the fifth chamber of the heart.

Rudolf Steiner and Ehrenfried Pfeiffer spoke about the development of the "fifth chamber" of the human heart. This chamber is being developed so humanity can perceive the Etheric Christ. Frank Chester of California has discovered the geometry of this chamber through his work with the Chestahedron.

It seems to me, all these correlations between the Black Madonna's, Luke the Evangelist, and the Virgin of Guadalupe. The message is that we must develop our hearts so that they can perceive and contain the Etheric Christ.

We often think of spiritual enlightenment as an external destination. For centuries the treasure of the Templars has been thought of some sort of cache of gold buried in the new world. But if we really think of the true "treasure chest" it is actually within our own bodies, our heart can contain the real, lasting and most valuable of all treasures, if we open and develop it. Our hearts can perceive and contain the cosmic Christ. Our human hearts are the true Grail.

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